Inspired by Greece, addressed to the whole world

Welcome to the Heavy Baggage Design shop
[that is Eva Giapoutzi and Athanasia Tsoukala shop].

We joined forces and passions in 2015 and created the Heavy Baggage Design Studio. The name comes from realizing how this heavy cultural baggage we carry is impossible to ignore, a gift and a burden at the time. We decided to look at it the creative way and share the weight with you; we draw inspiration from greek culture and history to deliver design for everyone. Our references are local yet universal.

We are two friends sharing common backgrounds and visions of the world.
Athanasia studied in the School of Drama of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She has always been a crafter and painter, an iconographer even and has a long educational experience with children.
Eva studied Architecture at the same university. She is a design obsessed person having worked with non-Greeks for many years, which intrigued her on how people perceive Greek culture and history.

In Heavy Baggage you will find 100% original designs and perfectly executed apparel and accessories. Our designs always tell a story.

Based in Xanthi, in northern Greece, all our products are designed and crafted with love and care by us. We only use non-toxic inks and top quality, handmade and ethically manufactured apparel and goods.

Thank you for visiting, enjoy!

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